An Interview with 8th Grader: Téo Forrest

I have attended ANCS since kindergarten. As I prepare for high school, I will miss my teachers and friends here the most. In my nine years, we have created so many memories together. For example, I will never forget our seventh-grade trip to Jekyll Island and the fun we had.

I love ANCS because it is a part of the neighborhood, and you can get individualized instruction. I enjoyed study hall and the opportunity to have one-on-one time with my teachers. We worked through assignments together and they provided more support whenever I needed it.

My favorite subject is math because it is straightforward. I had terrific teachers like Ms. Afzal, Ms. Clemmons, and Mr. Rios. I may want to pursue computer science in college and go into the business profession – my math skills will take me far in either.

I also love sports! Over the years at ANCS, I played basketball, flag football, soccer, baseball, track, skateboarding, and tennis. I even received awards for soccer and track during my time here. COVID made it hard to take part in physical activity, but the school offered online sports clubs, and I enjoyed that.

The most valuable skill I developed at ANCS is how to organize. I learned to get ahead of my assignments, prepare materials in advance, and log in for classes on time. This resulted in a very successful eighth-grade year and will be helpful in high school.

What excites me most about high school is that I will experience new adventures, meet new people, and study new subjects. I am prepared and ready for the challenge!