From Inaugural Class to ANCS Parent: Kendi’s Story

I started at Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School in 2000 as part of the inaugural class and graduated in 2008. My mother chose ANCS when we moved to the area because it was new and there was a lot of excitement about how different it would be from traditional schools.

Learning at ANCS was always a journey. The teachers were energetic, fun, and creative. I will never forget the great times I had as a student and want my daughter to have that same experience.

The decision to send Zuri to ANCS was easy because I knew the environment would help her thrive in her talents and also give her the knowledge and people skills she needs to be successful. She is now in the first grade with Ms. Pina and Ms. Morris and I see so much growth in her academically and socially – even during this time of isolation. Both teachers are familiar with the emotional needs of their students and try to make these difficult times fun and knowledgeable at the same time.

Words cannot express what ANCS means to me, it feels like we have been through so much together: the fire, the trailers, my child’s first day of school. There are times where I wish Zuri could experience the school how we normally would but even virtually, ANCS is still the same warm, loving, open-door environment it has always been.

My words of encouragement to fellow parents during this time: stay healthy and keep up the good work. We are all trying our best and making it happen with what we have to work with.