Turf Installation Underway

If you’ve recently passed by the back of the elementary campus, you may have noticed construction underway. We’re thrilled to share that we’re currently installing artificial turf on the lower field. Our goal is to have this project completed before the students return in August, as long as weather conditions allow.

For years, we’ve encountered consistent challenges in maintaining natural grass on the lower field. The drainage has been inadequate, resulting in a muddy mess whenever it rained. However, with the installation of the artificial turf, we’ve taken care of the drainage and leveling issues. As a result, students will no longer have to deal with slippery, boggy surfaces during winter or dry, dusty conditions in warmer months.

We’re excited to continue our efforts in improving the outdoor spaces at both campuses, allowing students to enjoy more time outside. We recognize the importance of unstructured play outdoors, as it nurtures creativity, problem-solving skills, and provides a multitude of health benefits.